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Huntington's disease  (gene found in 1993), is a hereditary,
degenerative, and terminal brain disease.  Huntington's
disease is caused by a genetic defect on chromosome 4.  
Huntington's disease (HD) or Juvenile Huntington's
disease (JHD), is an autosomal dominant disease. This
means that only one parent must have the mutated gene for
a child to inherit the disease.  

Huntington’s disease slowly diminishes the affected
individual's ability to walk, talk, and reason. It has been
noted that symptoms of Huntington's disease can begin to
show at ages 40-50, however we know that symptoms can
show much earlier in life.  In time, the person with HD relies
completely upon others for their personal care. HD affects
the lives of entire families - emotionally, psychologically,
socially, and economically.  HD affects males, females, and
knows no ethnic and racial boundaries.  So many within the
international community feels as if Huntington's disease is
like having Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and Schizophrenia all
at the same time!

Every child of a person with Huntington's disease has a
50/50 chance of inheriting the fatal gene.  Often, the
individual with HD might seem to be (or act) "drunk" to
the on-looker, due to the physical attributes of the disease.  
Juvenile HD affects younger individuals. When the onset of
the disease happens at age 20 or before, the disease is
called Juvenile Huntington's disease.  Upwards of 5
percent of known cases of Huntington's disease is the
Juvenile form. Individuals who suffer with JHD experience
the same challenges as individuals with HD, however the
onset of physical and emotional symptoms happens earlier
in life.

*Recent 2013 updated statistics specify that 1 out of every
7,000 people has HD.*

> Understanding Huntington's disease
Since 2010, Help4HD-International has utilized new-age technology and communications to educate the
world about Huntington's disease.  Our Communications
WebSuite includes many programs:  
An international Registry, Radio Show, Research Portal, Newspaper, Documentary, Mobile Application,
Social Network, Magazine, SoundCloud Audio Station, and so much more!